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"I need you again Mom," he advised me.

imageI felt spent but there clearly was his long dick staring at me. I climbed on top of Kevin and I advised his pole to my hole. I awakened on my son's hard cock and he filled me one more time. Thankfully I still lesbian had some of his seed left inside me. It made the fucking go easier. Kevin brought his bum lesbian up as I dropped down on his shaft. We went and I had more orgasms this time around. We didn't go so long the second time but Kevin still needed some cum left in the tank. Then he squirted his seed to my belly again.

My hubby came later in the week to secure more of his possessions. I asked him when he found a younger girl. He didn't answer me but it was obvious he had found someone else. So had Kevin has been arriving across most evenings. I like to get on all fours to the son. He'll place his hands on his buttocks and then input from behind.

I could never tell Kevin this but his penis feels far better compared to his dad's. I've taken to begging Kevin for his fat cock. Once I really do beg he will slide it right into me. I really do love getting that huge prick inside my tummy. I discovered that having a younger lover means he can cum in me nearly every moment. I really do love the feel of Kevin's seed because he coated my pussy walls.

We just have to be discreet with our negativity. I hope my son will want me to get the immediate future since I find that I can not live without my kid's prick.

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